Celebrity Hairstyles 2012

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What are the hottest celebrity hairstyles in 2012? As the year progresses, celebs will be setting a ton of new trends, and hair is a biggie. Celeb hairstyles are impossible to predict ahead - that's what makes them so fun! What is the "must have" cut for 2012? It could well be a short, pixie-style like the one Emma Watson's been sporting, or a longer, layered "demi-bob" like style-maven Alexa Chung. Whether it's a short hair cut or a longer style, people will be watching celebrities to see what's hot -- and then rushing to a hairdresser for a copycat look!

While there's no way to know exactly what 2012 celebrity hairstyles will be the hottest, it's likely that some of the biggest trendsetters will be those who began flaunting their style icon status in 2011. Example? Kate Middleton: The Duchess of Cambridge's long, lustrous brunette locks are all the rage, with women clamoring to duplicate the look. Basically, Kate has a long, layered hairstyle, with lots and lots of shine, bounce and movement. Will this be the biggest celebrity hairstyle of 2012? It very well could be.

Wigs could be big in 2012, too. They sure were in 2011, with gorgeous style-setting musicians like Nicki Minaj and Katy Perry leading the way, sporting wigs in vibrant blues and pinks. Sure, the wigs are more of a 'fad' than anything, but they're a great way to switch up a look and be 'current' without sacrificing your hairstyle (and color).

Bottom line: Great celebrity hairstyles in 2012 will be versatile. Some styles will be timeless and elegant -- others, more trendy and fleeting, but either way, women will want to duplicate them, pronto. To spot trends, keep an eagle-eye on television and film actresses, especially those constantly in the spotlight (Jennifer Aniston, anyone?). As 2012 unfolds, celebrity hair trends will undoubtedly begin to surface.

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