Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

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Celebrity Costume Ideas, perfect any time of the year (not just Halloween)! While most of us cannot be celebrities in real life, when playing dress up, we can be anyone we want for one night, famous people included.

The best celebrity Halloween costumes start with an ideal celebrity subject - not so famous or "of-the-moment" that everyone will dress like them, but not so obscure that they aren't recognizable. Then the goal is to get really creative, choosing a "look" or style for that celebrity that best represents who they are without falling back on lame cliches or predictable observations. (So your Michael Jackson costume should not just be the King of Pop look with one sequined glove. Get creative!)

From the crazy outfits of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga (who has enough costume changes and looks to fuel 100 Halloweens) to classics like Michael Jackson and Madonna, the options for celebrity Halloween costumes are nearly endless.

The best celebrity Halloween costumes may depend on your age, where you plan to wear the costume and who else you'll be with on the holiday, but also your personal style. Is it acceptable for a fat guy to dress as Ryan Gosling, or a 6-foot-tall woman to inhabit Tinkerbell? Of course, if they have the right attitude and really work it.

What are the best celeb Halloween costumes? It can also be helpful to consider doing a celebrity couple costume or a famous group costume. Got a trio of ladies? You can't go wrong with a Kardashian costume. (Or maybe you can...)

This list of celebrity costume ideas can be helpful whether you're planning to hit up the closest costume shop, buy a pre-packaged celebrity outfit or get crazy in your own closet. Vote for your favorite celebrity look and help out your fellow trick-or-treaters pick the perfect Halloween costume for their own parties!

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