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The biggest celebrity Romney supporters include famous people from all aspects of the entertainment industry. Some of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney's most famous celebrity donors and supporters include actors, musicians and prominent sports figures. Some supporters choose to donate directly to a Super PAC, while others give directly to a candidate's campaign fund. This list includes both and, where applicable, the amounts each celebrity gave to the cause.

While Mitt Romney's list of famous campaign supporters and donors isn't nearly as long as Barack Obama's, that's not surprising: Typically, Hollywood types tend to donate more to Democratic candidates. Still, Romney has his rich and extremely famous celebrity supporters too, including businessman (and 'Celebrity Apprentice' host) Donald Trump, television and film producer Jerry Bruckheimer and actor Robert Duvall, who planned to host a Mitt Romney fundraiser in Virginia in September of 2012.

Mitt Romney got one of his biggest celebrity endorsements in early-August of 2012, when actor Clint Eastwood threw his support behind the presumed GOP presidential nominee. Other high-profile celebrities who've said they support Romney include Jon Voight, Chuck Norris, Gene Simmons and yes, porn star Jenna Jameson.

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$9910 (Romney Victory Fund), $150,000 (Restore Our Future)

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