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Celebrity Twins

List Criteria: At least one of the twins must be famous. List is in no particular order.

A List of Celebrity Twins, with photos! This list includes both fraternal and identical twins, famous twin duos and celebrities with twin siblings who aren't famous. Twin actors and celebrities are pretty rare given that only 2% of the world's population are twins, and only 0.2% are identical twins. To this day, twins are considered somewhat exotic and therefore appealing to new parents and casting agents alike. Couples trying for their first child often muse that fraternal twins (one boy, one girl) would be ideal. 

In scientific terms, identical twins are known as "monozygotic" and fraternal twins as "dizygotic". While twins may be unusual, some researchers suggest that as many as 1 in 8 pregnancies begin as twins, however, only one fetus is brought to full term as the other disintegrates. This is known as "Vanishing Twin Syndrome". There is also such a thing as semi-identical twins in which the twins inherit identical genes from their mother, but different genes from their father. This list includes all types of famous twins in history - famous asian, white, and black twins, and they have all done something notable.

For more famous twins in Hollywood, have a look at the hottest celebrity female twins and the sexiest male celebrity twins.

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    Brittany And Cynthia Daniel

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    Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi

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    Tia And Tamera Mowry

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    Charles and Max Carver

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    Conrad and Bonar Bain

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    Diedre And Andrea Hall

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    Gayle And Gillian Blakeney

  18. 18

    Spencer And Peyton List

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    Thomas And Munro Chambers

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