The Best Celebrity Weather Reports

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The best celebrity weather reports feature some really famous people attempting to deliver daily forecasts on television around the world. Yes, it happens, and more often than you think. The rich and famous sometimes aren't satisfied with their own successful careers, so they decide, for whatever reason, to branch out and become amateur meteorologists. They live out what might be a long-held dream to provide up-to-date weather forecasts, stepping out in front of that green screen and letting us know whether we'll see a sunny day, or a dismally rainy one. The result is often hysterically funny and almost always totally goofy. These are some of the absolute best examples of celebrities crashing local weather reports!

On May 10, 2012, the weather report took a decidedly royal turn when the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall took their turn presenting the daily weather report. Prince Charles, in particular, did a pretty decent job giving the weather forecast from the BBC Scotland studios in Glasgow.

Other great celebrity weather forecasts include Wilco's Jeff Tweedy offering his skills up on Chicago's WGN Morning News, Tom Hanks giving a hilarious weather update on Univision's 'Despierta America' (complete with dancing!) and Steve Carell delivering a rainy forecast to viewers of the UK's GMTV (and channeling Brick Tamland).

Everyone enjoys a break from the routine, and that goes for daily weather reports. These celebs make a great effort, but perhaps it's best that they stick to their day jobs, for now.

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    In 2016, Tom Hiddleston delivered the weather report to viewers of Chicago’s Fox 32. In a typical Loki move, Hiddleston blamed Illinois's serious storm front on his on-screen rival: Thor.

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    Bronson Pinchot emerged from obscurity only to ruin a poor weatherman's career. For reasons unknown the former "Perfect Strangers" star was on a local morning talk show and took it upon himself to get in on the weatherman's act, but not before playing with his hair and suit. He then took over the spot and proceeded down a long weird path that included referring to a woman masturbating. Ugh.

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    Michael Cera and Jason Schwartzman Do the Weather on FOX 5 Atlanta



    Jason Schwartzman and Michael Cera took their turn before the green screen on Atlanta's Fox 5 News in August of 2010. Schwartzman first breaks into an impromptu dance, but then things take a turn for the worse as his buddy Cera appears to get hit by a school bus (a fake one, of course) twice. Then Cera gets his revenge, pushing Schwartzman in front of it. No real weather information provided, but a good dose of humor and fun...

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    Kathy Griffin's turn at doing the weather on KTLA-TV in April of 2011 was, not surprisingly, goofy, confusing and pretty amusing. She was on the show promoting her latest project (covering the Royal Wedding) and on a whim, she decides to do the weather (with help from KTLA weatherman Henry DiCarlo). She's really good at clicking and posing, but her weather delivery leaves much to be desired. "Palm Springs, 89 -- gays, get in there and start flipping houses!"

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    Tom Hanks decided to help out with the weather report on Univision's 'Despierta America' while promoting a film ('Larry Crowne'). The result is just great, crazy Spanish TV. Before delivering the weather forecast, Hanks and the gorgeous weather anchor decide to dance a little bit. Then they actually start pointing to certain cities (the narrator thing is strange) as they dance. Hanks gets a little turned around, but thankfully the (real) weather anchor helps him out.

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    Steve Carell did the weather on GMTV on April 1, 2010 (yes, April Fool's Day), and yes, he does it Brick Tamland style, stumbling over at least one city ("Right here in Abergynnnnwithhg...") and seeming totally clueless (but funny). The weather forecaster does her best to at least provide some basic, correct, information...

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    In May of 2012, BBC Scotland viewers got the surprise of their life when Prince Charles decided to give the day's weather forecast. The Duke of Cornwall explained to viewers (in that authoritative voice of his) that "It's an unsettled picture" with heavy rain and possibly some rough road conditions. He actually does a pretty nice job, following along with the the teleprompter and noting specific weather forecasts for royal residences. He wasn't happy about snow flurries at Balmoral Castle ("Who the hell wrote this script?").

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    In December of 2011, Wilco front man Jeff Tweedy tried his hand at being a weather forecaster on Chicago's WGN-TV. The result is nothing short of hysterically funny. Tweedy, the "hairy weatherman," gives the week's full forecast, noting that "seven days seems kind of optimistic to me." As Tweedy puts it, "things could be worse."

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    Actor Gerard Butler is one of many celebrities who've dropped by the GMTV studios to give the daily weather forecast. Butler does his best to find all the correct geographic spots on the map (Ireland takes a moment), and he guesses at temperatures ("I'm guessing now, I imagine they'll be lower in the North"). Solid job, and an A+ for effort.

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    Paul Lynde loves picnics, and "weather can wipe them out." In the late-1970s, Lynde decided to help out with the daily weather forecast on WSPD-TV in Toledo, Ohio. In his words, "looks like trouble." This retro forecast is hilarious -- and look out for the "heavy rain headed toward the North Pole" (aka, Canada). "Happy 69!"

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