Celebrity Weddings: 2012 Famous Marriages List People
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Celebrity Weddings: 2012 Famous Marriages List

Celebrity weddings in 2012 made headlines worldwide, as the rich and famous tied the knot. This list includes famous actors, musicians and athletes who decided to take the big leap and get married. These famous newlyweds include couples who've been together for many years. This year they decided to stand before family and friends and say "I do." For a look at who got hitched in 2011, check out the 2011 Celebrity Marriage list.

What celebrities got married in 2012?

Congratulations are in order for all of the celebrities who got married in 2012! Notable celebrity nuptials include actress Drew Barrymore, who wed fiance Will Kopelman in June 2012, and actor Matthew McConaughey, who married his longtime love, Camila Alves, in a huge Texas wedding (also in June, always a big month for weddings). And at the age of 86, veteran actor Dick Van D**e became a newlywed, marrying his makeup artist, Arlene Silver on Leap Day!

Some celebrity weddings are star-studded, completely over-the-top affairs, with lavish ceremonies and hundreds of guests. Others are far more low-key, attended by just immediate family members, children and close friends. If a celebrity got married in 2012, they're on this list, regardless of how big -- or small -- their wedding was (and most, so far, were rather small).

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    Kate Winslet and Ned Rocknroll

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    December 2012: Yes, you read that correctly: Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet secretly married her boyfriend of about one year, Ned Rocknroll. Exactly who IS Ned Rocknroll? He's the nephew of wealthy British magnate Richard Branson. Kate and Ned met at Branson's house in Necker Island in August of 2011. During the trip, a major fire broke out, and apparently Ned and Kate bonded when he showed up afterward.

    Kate Winslet's wedding to Ned Rocknroll was super secret. A rep says the two were wed "in a private ceremony attended by her two children and a very few friends and family." Some reports say Winslet's good friend and 'Titanic' co-star, Leonardo DiCaprio, gave the bride away. Details about the secret ceremony, including the exact wedding date, weren't immediately available.

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