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Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

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Cheap easy costumes are important in this economy, so cheap costume ideas are a must this year. If you’re like me, you don’t have any money and whatever money you do have goes to video games and frozen burritos. From Hipster-inspired costumes to Celebrity costume ideas. here are some cheap Halloween costume ideas for the cash-strapped! Note: Every good costume comes in the explanation, not the garb! Only idiots have to spend a lot to get their idea across - idiots and people with jobs!

If you are throwing a party on a budget, be sure to check out these lists: Halloween decoration ideas, Halloween recipes and the best Halloween party games.

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    Antoine Dodson

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    This costume is not only cheap, but great for all ages. Dressing up as Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba or just a regular awesome box robot is sure to be a hit at the Halloween party.

    CLICK HERE for the actual Plex from Yo Gabba Gabba costume.

    CLICK HERE for more Yo Gabba Gabba costumes like the awesome DJ Lance Rock!
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    Blue paint. Need I say more? Blue paint... that's about it. Well that and you actually need to lose something other than clothes: shame. Also be ready to attract a lot of furries. Enjoy.

    CLICK HERE for a selection of Avatar costumes. or check out the full Neytiri Costume Here
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    Adam & Eve

    Not only is this Adam and Eve costume creative for couples, but it's extremely easy and cheap. You just need to go out and find some leaves.

    Of course if you want to be a little more tasteful than that you can always go with the Garden of Eve Costume.
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    All you need is to 1. not shower for a few days 2. write something witty on a piece of cardboard 3. wear raggedy clothes. Cheap? I think so.
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    Pregnant Trailer Trash

    This must be one of the cheapest looks ever. Works if you are pregnant or if you aren't. All you need is a balloon under a s**tty white shirt, some short shorts, maybe a bathrobe, a cigarette, and maybe some curlers in your hair. If you need inspiration, just Google images Jaime-Lynn Spears and Brittney Spears.
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    Doctor Who
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    Katrina Victim

    Offensive? Check. Cheap? Check.
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    Anyone From The Movie Heathers

    90's grunge clothes. We've all got them. Slide on a pair of cord shorts and a baggy flannel and pick any character from the movie Heathers.

    Note: For this costume you may want to watch the movie so you know why you're doing this, but you don't have to. Grunge was just emo in loose clothes, so just be emo in loose clothes and you pretty much have it nailed.
  10. 10

    Edgar Allen Poe and Johnny Cash

    This is a twofer. All you need is black shirt, black pants and messy hair. Done! Then, depending on your mood, speak in morose prose or like a pill popping singer. Perfect for the bipolar country lover!
  11. 11

    Person Who Has To Puke

    This one is a bit harder to pull off because it's not really a costume, but if you don't have any money and don't want to look like a jerk... do this. Every time someone comes up and asks you what you are, respond with, "Oh my God, I have to puke!" and then run away.

    Note: This "costume" is suggested for the REALLY cheap or for really good actors.
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    20’s Gentleman

    Break out any old suit and book of matches. Stalk the party you’re at and wait for someone to start smoking a cigarette and light it before the do! Bang! Zoom! Done!
  13. 13


    All you need for this is an old white t-shirt and a sharpie. Write "shame" on the front of the shirt. Done! Now when some ass in a Spartan costume comes over to give you s**t about it, you can say, "Be glad I’m here, because from the looks of it, you left yours at home." OH SNAP!
  14. 14

    Fancy Date

    This one’s for the penniless lady. Get all dolled up with all the nice clothes and make up you have around the house. When asked what you are, say you’re what you would look like if your boyfriend ever took you out on a real date.
  15. 15

    Cotton Lover

    Buy a cheap bag of cotton balls and whenever you think someone is looking at you, pop one in your mouth. If the party guests are not satisfied by this costume, tell them you're the direct descendant Eli Whitney. Odds are they won't know who that is and the fight will be over before it even started.
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    Rapey Professor

    Head to the thrift store, grab a two dollar camel hair jacket and a twenty-five cent copy of any Camus book and you’re set. Just make sure to be a huge dick to the girls so they go home with you.
  17. 17


    Your regular clothes, a bottle of Windex, a hand towel and a s**tty attitude! Done!
  18. 18
    Short shorts, a tank top and a mustache, if possible. Just run everywhere and you’re set! Or, because I didn't choose that picture, go as the rocks he crashed into (free if you can find a way to tape rocks to your body).
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