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Chick Fil A Secret Menu Items

Chick Fil A is without question a great place to grab a bit on the go, offering a wide variety of different menu items (all including chicken, of course). But did you know that there's a Chick Fil A secret menu? Yep. Many times you can order items off-menu and your servers won't bat an eye - the trick is knowing what some of these items are, so you can choose wisely. Read on to learn more about Chick Fil A secret menu items!

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    Chicken Quesadillas

    What? A chicken quesadilla at Chick Fil A?! Yes. Rumor has it you can order one - a tasty delight that combines Chick Fil A's superb char grilled chicken with everyone's favorite: cheese! (Wash it down with a killer milkshake and you'll be walking around with a goofy grin all day long).

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    Treats for Fido

    This may not be the case at all Chick Fil A restaurants, but at some, you can bring your dog through the drive through line and he'll get a special doggy biscuit as a treat! Chick Fil A: Fido Friendly. Once the dogs figure this out of course, you'll have a super hyper canine to contend with as you try to place your order...

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    Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

    Want to try a totally new spin on a Chick Fil A sandwich? Ask for a Buffalo Chicken Sandwich! Basically it's the traditional Chick Fil A chicken sandwich, but smothered in their zesty Buffalo Sauce. See? Lunch just got much more interesting.Well, not completely free. There is a small price: Kids toys can supposedly be turned in for a free, small Ice Dream cup (delicious, vanilla ice milk, super cool and perfect for sweltering summer days). Kid doesn't like his Chick Fil A toy? Exchange it for a sure hit: Ice Dream!

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    Cutting Calories

    Want to savor a Chick Fil A sandwich without busting your diet? It can be done. Ask that the bread for the sandwich not be buttered - you'll save big calories, and potentially your waistline!

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