Child Stars Who Grew Up to Look Like Muppets

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There are a bunch of child stars who grew up and became really creepy, but this list takes it a step further. These are the child stars who grew up to be creepy, because these days, they look like Muppets. That's right, these once adorable famous children now look like something Jim Henson created. From Boy Meets World's Topanga and The Partridge Family's Danny Bonaduce... to Miss Piggy and Beaker. These funny looking washed up child actors can now add "Muppet Doppelgänger" to their resumes, right next to "has-been."

What celebrity children became weird looking adults? There are plenty of odd looking celebrities out there and this list of former child stars who now look like Muppets chronicles some of the specifically tragic cases of pre-pubescent cuteness gone awry.
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    age 34 Danielle Fishel played Topanga on "Boy Meets World." Yes, at some point in the 90s Topanga was an acceptable name for the hot girl on a sitcom... it was a strange time for all of us. While

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    Died at 94 (1920-2014) Mickey Rooney was acting by the time he was a toddler, and was a superstar by the time he was a teenager. He has had one of the longest careers of any actor to date, spanning almost 90 years actively

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    When the Olsen Twins were Michelle Tanner on "Full House," everyone thought they were incredibly cute when they'd say "you got it dude," then there was the countdown till when they

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    age 29 Lindsay Lohan played the freckled face twins in the remake of The Parent Trap. Then she grew up, dyed her hair blonde, got arrested, became a lesbian (for a two seconds), and posed for Playboy.

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    age 35 This picture is taken from a move called Party Monster, in which child star Macaulay Culkin plays real life "club kid" Michael Alig. Bright yellow feathers aside, Culkin and Big Bird have

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    44 Corey Feldman stared in such 80s classics as Stand By Me and The Lost Boys, he used to hang out with Michael Jackson, and he looks a lot like Kermit the Frog... but only when Kermit is making his

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    age 56 Beaker is one of the coolest Muppets in history, he has his own language, wears a lab-coat, and is extremely judgmental. So really, it's somewhat of a compliment to say that "The Partridge

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    age 38 The oddly shaped head, the bulbous nose, the strangely furry face... Grover the Muppet bears a striking resemblance to Dustin Diamond, which we know is not a nice thing to say about Grover. There's

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    age 25 Jonathan Lipnicki is the kid from Jerry Maguire who said "f**k". He grew up to look like Bert... from Bert and Ernie. This kid was cute when he was little but now he looks like a mean,

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    age 26 Young Anakin in Star Wars: Episode 1 was played by Jake Lloyd. Lloyd scared us all with his horrible acting in Phantom Menace, we didn't even buy him as a human being, and now he scares us with his...

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