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Chipotle Secret Menu Items

The Chipotle secret menu is limited by a person's imagination since they have a policy of making anything they have the ingredients for. What's on Chipotle's secret menu? But this secret Chipotle menu items list has the most tried and true off-menu orders that you can go with, in case you're having Mexican-food-creation block. Next time you go to this burrito joint, be different and try one of these Chipotle hidden menu items. What's off menu at Chipotle? But, if you're leaning more towards a delicious gordita crunch I would have to suggest checking out the Taco Bell secret menu items- a couple items that sound bomb if the time is right. But, make sure to neutralize all that meat with a delicious smoothie from the healthy Jamba Juice menu items or even a nice Subway hidden menu item. Enjoy the secrecy!
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    Chipotle chips are taken up a notch with the nacho treatment. With a layer of melted cheese, you can add beans, a choice of meat, salsa and you got yourself a day in the ballpark, even if it's really a day in the office.

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