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38 Sexiest Christina Hendricks Pictures

Christina Hendricks may be the most famous red head on the planet right now. For Christina Hendricks, hot doesn't begin to describe the smokin' celeb's gorgeous looks, excellent acting chops and ample umm... let's just leave it at her talent. All the sexy Christina Hendricks pictures the internet has to offer are here among the hottest Christina Hendricks pics.

How big of a fan are you of Christina Hendricks? Big enough to her bra and cup size? List of hot Christina Hendricks pictures includes pictures of the chesty redhead who steals scenes on the show Mad Men with her character Joan, the saucy office manager turned partner of a cutthroat ad agency.Christina Hendricks is Hollywood's latest "It" girl, but this "girl" is all woman as you can tell by these galleries of pics. It's nice to see a beautiful woman with a nontraditional body type getting such attention - Christina Hendricks' measurements and cup size are far from that of the typical Hollywood starlet. But, don't get too excited because Christina Hendricks is one of the hottest actresses that has morals and won't get naked on film.

Christina Hendricks' bra size is 32DDD or 32F if you will and her measurements are 38-28-37 inches (97-71-94 cm)
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    Christina Hendricks Drops An Earring That Will Never Be Seen Again

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