Christina Ricci Tattoos

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If you've ever asked, "what are the meanings behind Christina Ricci tattoos," then this is the post for you. 

Christina Ricci tattoos grace the body of the accomplished actress and extend from her shoulders to her ankle. Though she didn't have many when she became a household name as a child actress in "The Addams Family" film series, as Ricci has grown up, she's added over half a dozen tattoos along the way. Now, as a star of the throwback series "Pan Am," Ricci has eight known tattoos with her as she flies the friendly skies.

Ricci describes herself as a fan of body art and once said "I can't wait until I'm super-famous. I'm at the point when I should really hide them, because directors don't like them. When I'm really, really super famous, I'm going to get one on my arm - because nobody cares then."

Perhaps she's reached that level of fame as in 2003 she was spotted with a very visible fairy tattoo on her inner wrist. Along with the tattoo of a mermaid on her ankle, these two tatts are the most visible when the actress is clothed.

Other, more discreet tattoos, such as the blue tattoo of a bird on her breast and the name Jack for her late dog on her thigh, are not seen as often as the fairy and mermaid, though have made an appearance or two in certain films like "Black Snake Moan."

Just like other actresses with tattoos like the Angelina Jolie tattoos and the Drew Barrymore tattoos, the Christina Ricci tattoos have meaning to her and tell a story of her rise to fame and the very personal people, places and pets that have helped her along the way.
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