Closeted Male Celebs Anything
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Closeted Male Celebs

The top 10 closeted male celebs, wrestlers, actors, and of course singers, and a male model/bodybuilder/pornstar.

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    self explanitory.

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    and finally randy baby you are in love with john cena tell him how you feel because he loves you, we can all tell you want to explode from that closet so just do it. and if you think it will destroy you're career i've asked around, women have said i don't care if he was i gay i'd bed him instantly, and alot of straight guys would still love you, and if they don't 90% of the community you belong with still does.

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    do i need to say anything besides he didn't win AI for two reasons (a) he was too young, and (b) he's gay okay it's why adam lambert didn't win.

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