17 Comics That Could Use A Young Reboot

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Both Marvel and DC Comics have made efforts to reboot their stable of characters for a more diverse and fresh audience. Titles like Batgirl, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and Ms. Marvel have been a huge success and we here at Ranker Comics want more comic book reboots! We went ahead and put together a list of prime candidates for a comic book make over that we want to see!

The new DC Comics take on Batgirl envisions her as a young college student dealing with a blooming social life and the constant presence of social media, following her crime fighting career - so why not do something like that for Robin, Kitty Pryde, or Spider-Man?! Ms. Marvel inserted a fresh face into the titular role, which brought a diverse, new audience to comic shops. A reboot like this would be great for Blue Beetle, New Mutants, and Defenders!

From the obscure to the under-served, this list compiles superheroes that could use a fresh coat of paint. There is some attention from other mediums, like TV shows and movies, surrounding these characters and now would be a great time to give them a reboot and maybe get some different audiences into comic book stores, or at least give the fans something new and exciting!
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