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Companies Headquartered in Utah Companies
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Companies Headquartered in Utah

A list of Utah companies. Many well known Utah companies have been included. While this list isn't definitive, these are most of the top businesses in the state of Utah. As a country, the United States has encouraged entrepreneurship throughout much of its history. The state of Utah is no exception to this rule, and new businesses are started in Utah daily, ranging from corporations to LLCs to partnerships to sole proprietorships. This list, however, is mostly focused on the largest corporations in the state of Utah.
  1. 3

    Alpine Air Express

    Airline More
  2. 10
    Arms Manufacturers More
  3. 25
    Educational services More
  4. 8
    Electronic commerce, Retail More
  5. 56
    Financial Services, National Commercial Banks More
  6. 6
    Grocery Stores More
  7. 21
    Industrial Inorganic Chemicals, NEC, Chemical Manufacturing More
  8. 55
    Internet service provider More
  9. 51
    Medicinal and Botanical Manufacturing, Multi-level marketing More
  10. 26

    Kennecott Utah Copper

    Mining More
  11. 54
    Multi-level marketing More
  12. 41

    Questar Corporation

    Natural gas, Crude Petroleum and Natural Gas Extraction, Petroleum ... More
  13. 1

    1-800 Contacts

    Optical Goods Stores More
  14. 45

    Sinclair Oil Corporation

    Petroleum industry More
  15. 13

    Crown Burgers

    Restaurant More
  16. 5
    Restaurant, Fast food More
  17. 20
    Restaurant, Fast food More
  18. 17
    Restaurant, Petroleum industry More
  19. 48

    Smith's Food and Drug

    Retail More
  20. 40
    Retail, Electronic Shopping and Mail-Order Houses More
  21. 36
    Software, Computer, Prepackaged Software More
  22. 43
    Software, Computer, Prepackaged Software More
  23. 4
    Software, Prepackaged Software More
  24. 39
    Software, Prepackaged Software More
  25. 7
    Telecommunications, Computer, Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web ... More

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