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Companies With Kid-Friendly Factory Tours

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List Criteria: Companies that give tours and allow children on these tours

Combining a fun activity with an educational attraction, these companies with kid-friendly factory tours are great for kids of all ages. Next time you and your family are looking for something to do, think about visiting one of these kid-friendly factories.

Similar to the best children's museums in the world, these factory tours for kids allow them to learn while having fun at the same time. These companies invite visitors inside the actual factories that manufacture favorite products to allow kids and adults alike a chance to see how things happen behind the scenes.

The variety of companies that offer factory tours is wide, with all types of companies opening their doors to fans. From the Vermont Teddy Bear Company, which produces plush toys, to Crayola, known for crayons and art supplies, to the Hershey Company, which specializes in chocolate candy, and everything in between, there's sure to be a factory tour available to entertain almost anyone.

While the best American family getaways may be better for a longer vacation, if you are looking for an afternoon trip that can also be educational, check out these kid-friendly factory tours. Remember, many factory tours give free samples, especially the food tours.

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    Located 45 minutes west of Sacramento in northern California, tours of their working factory are free and last about 40 minutes. 
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    Located in Waterbury, Vermont, the Ben & Jerry's 30-minute tour gives visitors insight to how their ice cream is created. Buy the the "package" tour, which included a Ben & Jerry's t-shirt, and try several flavors that are only available inside the factory, like "Vermonster."
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    Hershey's Chocolate World is complete with a Hersey ride,  a 4-D tour, and even a studio where visitors can create their own chocolate. 
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    Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory

    Learn how some of the greatest baseball players' bats are made, and get a free mini bat at the end of your tour. 
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    This four-floor factory in Easton, Pennsylvania, allows visitors color, paint, and melt their way through the factory, where kids can color with glow in the dark crayons in the dark or paint with melted crayons for a whole new experience.
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    U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing

    Available in both Washington, D.C. and Ft. Worth, Texas, watch how cash goes from starting with giant sheets of paper to ending in individual bills in your wallet.
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    Tillamook Cheese Factory and Museum

    Tillamook Cheese Factory and Museum
    Photo: Henry Alva
    Visit the "home of the loaf" in Tillamook, Oregon, where in addition to eating all of your favorite cheese concoctions, including grilled cheese, you can enjoy a delicious scoop of Tillamook ice cream (some flavors are only available at the factory!).
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    The Vermont Teddy Bear Company, located in Shelburne, Vermont, watch how each individual bear is created at this "fun-stuffed Teddy Bear Factory."
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    The Peanut Patch

    Located in Yuma, Arizona, watch how The Peanut Patch turns peanuts into peanut butter. Check the calendar before going, however. Tours are only offered during certain months of the year.
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    Basic Brown Bear Factory

    Watch stuffed animals come to life in this San Francisco factory as factory workers cut, sew, and stuff these loving animals.
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    Photo: Todd Mecklem
    For only $2, visitors can come watch the process of making ice cream, from vats full of 500 gallons worth of ice cream to walking through a 20 degree below zero freezer. Make sure you're ready to taste lots of flavors, and make reservations for this one.
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    Martin Guitar Factory Added by: JoelD.Gomer

    Tour this Nazareth, Pennsylvania, factory and get your hands on a high-end guitar in the Pickin' Parlor, where you can play to your heart's delight. Also, check out more than 200 vintage instruments their museum has on display.
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    Located in Astoria, New York, visitors can discover how one of the most prestigious piano companies in the world create such a vast array of sounds and designs with their pianos.
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    The 45-minute tour in this Nashville, Tennessee, factory will open visitors' eyes as they get a unique glance into how Gibson guitars are manufactured and how they're able to achieve such a sweet, sweet sound.
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    With over 250,000 visitors annually, the Cape Cod Potato Chips factory tour is a must. 
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    This free tour in Boulder, Colorado, shows visitors how their products go from raw herbs to packaged tea. Tours last about 45 minutes.
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    How is deodorant made? How does all of that toothpaste get inside the tube? Tom's of Maine factory will show you all of their secrets.
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    Prior Snowboards

    Reservations are required for this factory tour, but it's free. Tours last about an hour.
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    Not only can you tour the factory of the world's most popular soda, you can meet the Coca-cola polar bear himself and take pictures with him.
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    Trek Factory

    Watch bikes transform from ideas to reality in the Trek factory in Waterloo, Wisconsin. Tours last an hour and are available for anyone 4 years old and up.
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