Companies With The Worst Customer Service Companies
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Companies With The Worst Customer Service

The DMV is THE WORST. But worse still are the people at Gold's Gym, who still call me three years after I went in to try out one of their gyms once. I don't even live near that gym anymore but they still call. So much bad customer service in the world...
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    Department of Motor Vehicles

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    #5 on the original list Cable television, Telecommunications, Cable and Other Pay Television ...

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    #23 on the original list Consumer electronics

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    Women's Clothing Stores, Clothing

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    #55 on the original list Support Activities for Transportation

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    #34 on the original list Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Web Search Portal, Business ...

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    #2 on the original list Cable television, Media, Voice over IP

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    #6 on the original list Transportation, Air Transportation, Scheduled, Airline

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    #3 on the original list Offices of Bank Holding Companies, Financial Services, National Commercial ...

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    #11 on the original list Entertainment

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    #10 on the original list Social Network

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    Telecommunications, Mobile network operator

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    #30 on the original list Transportation

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