Companies Worth $500 Billion (Past and Present) Companies
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Companies Worth $500 Billion (Past and Present)

For a company to reach a worth of one billion dollars is a feat, but very few have ever been able to reach $500 billion. The companies listed below have all crossed the $500 billion mark at least once in their history. Though most are now worth less, they should still be recognized as having been worth over 500 billion at one point.
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    Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne Current

  2. 2

    John D. Rockefeller 2007

  3. 3

    Leonard Bosack, Sandra Lerner 2002

  4. 4

    Paul Allen, Bill Gates 2001

  5. 5

    Robert Noyce, Gordon Moore 2002

  6. 6

    Edwin J. Houston, Elihu Thomson, Thomas Edison 2002


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