Conspiracy Theories We Think Will Be A Thing In 2017

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List Criteria: Vote up the looming conspiracy theories you think will make headlines in 2017.

With a new year comes new conspiracy theories that either sound too ridiculous to be true or strangely logical enough to be real. Many of these 2017 conspiracy theories are either updated or continued from the conspiracy theories in 2016, particularly due to Donald Trump winning the presidential election. Along with the ever-popular conspiracy theory of the Illuminati pulling all the strings, this list of possible conspiracies also includes potential plans for the Trump administration. 

This year's conspiracy theories involve secret government workings, acts of terrorism, hoax shootings, and signs leading to the world's end. Even a few celebrities like Kanye West and Jay-Z are mentioned on this list of the latest conspiracy theories. Whether you're a skeptic or a conspiracy theorist, some of these "conspiracies" will seem laughable, impossible, or downright scary.   

Here are the conspiracy theories that are most likely to make the news in 2017. Vote up the ones you think will also be a thing, but be careful - they're watching. Always. 

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    The US Is Planning On Demonetizing Foreign Governments

    The US Is Planning On Demoneti... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list Conspiracy Theories We Think Will Be A Thing In 2017
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    Did you know that the US is trying to strip countries of their cash to claim dominance in the world? No? Well, this all began when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi nullified the two largest bank notes in the country, giving people a grace period to deposit the cash into their bank accounts. Unfortunately half of the country lives without a bank account, which is great for a global conglomeration that wants to control the population by rationing out food and support. Look for demonetization to get hot in second and third world countries in late 2017, hopefully by 2018 we can have the entire world on a system where people have to fight for their food. 

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    False Flag Attacks On False Flag Attacks

    False Flag Attacks On False Fl... is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list Conspiracy Theories We Think Will Be A Thing In 2017
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    What's worse? Week after week of mass shootings and our inability to cope with the idea that mentally ill people and highly disturbed people are able to get their hands on deadly weapons which they use to carry out attacks on innocent people? Or the possibility that none of those attacks happen and they're all hoaxes perpetrated by the anti-gun lobby in order to frighten law makers into outlawing firearms?* As much as 2016 was full of fake spree killings and crisis actors, expect 2017 to be an even busier year for these kind of false flag operations

    *It's the first thing. 

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    There's Going To Be A Giant Earthquake In 2017

    Do you own a water pump? How many cans of food do you have in your pantry right now? Are you the highest bidder on a year's supply of MREs on eBay? You better hope so because according to all the very cool dudes at the Time Cross Project 2017 is going to be the year that a massive earthquake and tsunami hit the earth

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    Nibiru Is Finally Going To Destroy The Earth

    Nibiru Is Finally Going To Des... is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list Conspiracy Theories We Think Will Be A Thing In 2017
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    After years of threatening to uncloak itself from the depths of space and smash into the earth like a drunk guy at the club, Nibiru/Planet X/Whatever you want to call it is finally supposed to make an appearance and wreck shop. Research scientist David Meade claims there are “seven orbiting bodies” floating through space at tricky angles in order to confuse scientists who haven't been able to figure out that whole math thing yet. Kiss your loved ones goodbye and marry your dogs, because this is it. 

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    Anti-Trump Globalists Are Going To Crash The Stock Market

    Even though the secret global government that decides the fate of the world couldn't stop Trump from being elected in America and making it great again, that doesn't mean they're not going to try to do something that would blemish his name in the history books. Some conspiracy theorists believe there's going to be a forced stock market or housing crash, while others believe Trump won't have any problem destroying things on his own. 

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    Muslims Are Going To Infiltrate America

    Wake up sheeple, the Muslim threat is real and they want to take over America, starting with Michigan. What better place for a group of militant radicals to creep into the fabric of our great country than a state that is consistently let down and ignored by the the US government? It's the perfect plan. No one will ever see it coming. 

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    The Pope Is Going To Create A Central World Bank

    The Pope Is Going To Create A ... is listed (or ranked) 7 on the list Conspiracy Theories We Think Will Be A Thing In 2017
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    Ugh, this "Pope," right? As if he weren't already bad enough, he thinks all of the countries in the world need to pool their money into one centralized global bank to regulate the economy. Sorry Francis, if we couldn't get a woman on the $10 bill, you're not going to be able to get a global bank. 

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    2017 Will Be The Beginning Of An International Food Crisis

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    One of the easiest ways to control the population is by controlling the food supply, and that's exactly what's going to begin happening in 2017 as the global super elites begin to combine and think of new and terrible ways to destroy the 99% of the population who's never ridden in a personal jet. A food crisis has already began to destroy the citizens of Venezuela, and it's only a matter of time before the kind of sick profiteering that's taken hold of their country moves to North America

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