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Famous Cookbook Books and Novels Books
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Famous Cookbook Books and Novels

List of famous cookbook books, listed alphabetically with jacket cover images of the books when available. Information for these popular cookbook books is included as well, such as the author's name and the book's publication date. This list includes the best cookbook novels, textbooks, and stories, so use it to find books you haven't already read and add them to your reading list.

Examples of items on this list: Mastering the Art of French Cooking, The Joy of Cooking and many more.

This list should answer the questions, "What are the best cookbook books?" and "What are the most famous cookbook books?"

Note that some items on this list might be currently out of print, but you can purchase most of these notable cookbook titles on Amazon with just one click.
  1. 1

    1080 recetas de cocina

    Simone Ortega More
  2. 2

    1080 Recipes: The Bible of Authentic Spanish Cooking

    Ines Ortega, Simone Ortega More
  3. 3

    A Gift to Young Housewives

  4. 4
    John T. Edge, Ellen Rolfes More
  5. 5

    A Taste of Murder: Diabolically Delicious Recipes from Contemporary Mystery Writers

    Jo Grossman, Robert Weibezahl More
  6. 6
    Barry Sears More
  7. 7


    Grant Achatz More
  8. 8

    All around the world cookbook

    Sheila Lukins More
  9. 9
    No image

    Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant: Confessions of Cooking for One and Dining Alone

  10. 10

    American Cookery, or the art of dressing viands, fish, poultry, and vegetables, and the best modes of making pastes, puffs, pies, tarts, puddings, custards, and preserves, and all kinds of cakes, from the imperial plum to plain cake: Adapted to this country, and all grades of life.

    Amelia Simmons More
  11. 11
    Laura Esquivel More
  12. 12


  13. 13

    Aquavit: And the New Scandinavian Cuisine

    Marcus Samuelsson More
  14. 14
    No image

    Art of Cookery

    Hannah Glasse More
  15. 15
    No image

    Artichoke to Za'atar

    Lucy Malouf, Greg Malouf More
  16. 16

    Artisan Baking Across America: The Breads, The Bakers, The Best Recipes

    Maggie Glezer More
  17. 17
    No image

    Bacon and Hams

    George J. Nicholls More
  18. 18
    No image
    James Beard More
  19. 19
    No image
    James Beard More
  20. 20
    No image
    James Beard More
  21. 21
    Betty Crocker Editors More
  22. 22
    Naomi Duguid, Jeffrey Alford More
  23. 23
    No image
    Cheryl Jamison, Bill Jamison More
  24. 24

    Biggest Loser Family Cookbook

    Devin Alexander More
  25. 25
    No image

    Black Forest Cuisine: The Classic Blending of European Flavors

    Jennifer Lindner McGlinn, Walter Staib More

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