The Animals That Have the Coolest Eyes

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List of cool animal eyes. Here we have ranked the most amazing animal eye photos in close up! These animals range from mammals to amphibians but unite in the fact that their eyes are freaking awesome. Animal eyes have long fascinated us and have served specific animals in a variety of purposes. However, thanks to this collection, the only purpose they serve is blowing our minds.

Goat eyes and horse eyes are two of the coolest organs of vision when it comes to large mammals. But if you're looking closely enough, as these close-up photos of animal eyes provide, you can see things like frog eyes, which are unusual colors and sizes. Lemur eyes might be the craziest animal eyes out there, though gecko eyes certainly give them a run for their money. And whether it's a white tiger or a pink flamingo, the animal eyes on this list are the most unique in the entire animal kingdom.
Collection Photo:  Tambako the Jaguar
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