The Coolest Grapefruit League Spring Training Stadiums Anything

The Coolest Grapefruit League Spring Training Stadiums

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The coolest Grapefruit League spring training stadiums serve as the winter and spring homes for roughly half of the professional baseball teams in Major League Baseball. All of the Grapefruit League stadiums are located in the state of Florida but each offers something unique to the thousands of fans that fill the stands each year. Which of these spring training fields is the best? Tell us which stadium you think is the best by voting for your favorites below!

Early each calendar year, MLB teams and scores of fans flood the state of Florida for spring training. The annual event last about six weeks starting in February and includes on- and off-field training, exhibition games and lots of practices. The players use this time as preparation for the MLB regular season. The fans embrace the excuse to head to a warm climate and support their teams while the cities that these stadiums call home benefit from the roughly $300 million in economic impact on the area.

One of the best Grapefruit League spring training fields is also the newest and largest. Home to the Boston Red Sox, JetBlue Park at Fenway South opened to rave reviews in 2012 in Fort Myers, Florida. But it's not all about having a fresh stadium as McKechnie Field, built way back in 1923, also comes in among the coolest spring training stadiums in Florida with decades of history to its credit.

So whether you prefer the newer Grapefruit League stadiums, the older Florida spring training fields with a bit more charm or simply the stadium your favorite MLB team calls home, all provide lasting memories for the players, managers, coaches, fans and locals each year.

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  1. 1
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    Ed Smith Stadium

    Ed Smith Stadium (Baltimore Orioles)

  2. 2
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    No image

    JetBlue Park

  3. 3
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    McKechnie Field

    (Pittsburgh Pirates)

  4. 4
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    Hammond Stadium

    Hammond Stadium (Minnesota Twins)

  5. 5
    + 29
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    Bright House Field

    Bright House Field (Philadelphia Phillies)

  6. 6
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    Champion Stadium

    Champion Stadium (Atlanta Braves)

  7. 7
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    Joker Marchant Stadium

    Joker Marchant Stadium (Detroit Tigers)

  8. 8
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    Charlotte Sports Park

    Charlotte Sports Park (Tampa Bay Rays)

  9. 9
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    Space Coast Stadium

    Space Coast Stadium (Washington Nationals)

  10. 10
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    Roger Dean Stadium

    Roger Dean Stadium (Florida Marlins and St. Louis Cardinals)

  11. 11
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    Digital Domain Park

    Digital Domain Park (New York Mets)

  12. 12
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    Osceola County Stadium

    Osceola County Stadium (Houston Astros)

  13. 13
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    Florida Auto Exchange Stadium

    Florida Auto Exchange Stadium (Toronto Blue Jays)

  14. 14
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    George M. Steinbrenner Field

    George M. Steinbrenner Field (New York Yankees)

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