The Coolest Treehouses in the World Anything

The Coolest Treehouses in the World

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Sometimes as you grow up, the things you loved as a child lose a little bit of that spark and are a little less magical. But not so with treehouses. Treehouses only get cooler. What's more awesome (at any age) than your own personal fort, that's a house, that's up in a tree! The treehouses on this list are the absolute coolest that have been built in the world.
Some of the treehouses on this list are large enough to be hotels, one was made out a plane, and some are even part of larger treehouse communities. However, all of them are intricate and incredible feats of engineering and construction. These aren't the scrappy little structures you and your friends built as kids.
Come relive your childhood, (or get some ideas and build your own!) and cast your votes for the coolest treehouses on the list below.
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    Treehouse Restaurant

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    Built in New Zealand, this treehouse was part of a challenge for amateur entrepreneurs to build a treehouse 30 feet up in a red wood, using only the resources they could find in the Yellow Pages.

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