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Cosmopolis Movie Quotes

"Cosmopolis" movie quotes take viewers inside the head of one young man who seemingly has everything, then spirals out of control when the world he knows collapses around him. The drama film written, produced and directed by David Cronenberg, "Cosmopolis" shows another side of the earnings gap between the really rich and the dirt poor, the side that can only be viewed when you life consists of riding around town in a decked-out limo making money all day.

In "Cosmopolis," Robert Pattinson portrays Eric Packer, a young billionaire who despite having a fortune from currency speculation, chooses to spend the majority of his time in his limousine. On this occasion, Eric needs a haircut and attempts to travel across town to the barber shop. In that span of waiting in traffic however the world around him, including his fortune, crumble and he's left with only the desire to break out of that limo and experience things he never had before.

Add in a few friends (Jay Baruchel and Philip Nozuka), a bodyguard (Kevin Durand), one new wife (Sarah Gadon), a couple employees who also double as lovers (Juliette Binoche and Patricia McKenzie) and one guy wanting to kill him (Paul Giamatti) and Eric sets off on a path far from one he's ever taken before. Sex, violence and deliberately shooting himself in the hand follow, and it's not pretty.

"Cosmopolis" is pretty heavy but if you're looking for something a bit lighter, there's plenty of other great 2012 summer movies from which to choose. Instead, try "The Campaign," "The Babymakers," "Ted," "Celeste and Jesse Forever," "Madea's Witness Protection," "Magic Mike," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Dark Knight Rises."

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    The Rat as Currency

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    Eric: "There's a poem I read in which the rat became a unit of currency."
    Michael: "Yes, that would be interesting."
    Eric: "Yeah, that would impact the world economy.
    Michael: "The name along would be better than the dong or the kwacha."
    Eric: "The name says everything."
    Michael: "Yes, the rat..."
    Eric: "Yes, the rat closed lower today against the Euro."
    Michael: "Yes, there was growing concern that the Russian rat would be devalued."
    Eric: "White rats! Think about that!"
    Michael: "Yes, pregnant rats"
    Eric: "Major sell-off of pregnant Russian rats."
    Michael: "Britain converts the rat."
    Eric: "Joins trans-universal currency"
    Michael: "Yes, US establishes rat standard"
    Eric: "Is every US dollar redeemable for rat?"
    Michael: "Damn rats"
    Eric: "Yes, stockpiling of dead rats cause global health menace"

    As they sit in the luxurious limo, Michael and Eric ramble on about about a hypothetical world where rats, those nasty things seen running around in the sewers, become the most used form of currency. That's a lovely thought, isn't it?

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