Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal All Places
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Countries Where Gay Marriage is Legal

Gay marriage around the world. Despite Proposition 8, many regions around the globe are allowing same sex marriage. This is a list of those legalized gay marriage states and countries. Where are the countries that legalized gay marriage? They're mostly in Europe, where progressive societies have warmed to same-sex marriage. In the past decade, this has become more normalized in many civilized nations. Though the majority of countries haven't warmed to gay marriage, these have. If you want to get hitched, these are your marriage-friendly gay destinations. Take a look at this list and you'll what countries have legalized gay marriage. 

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  1. A bill to legalize same-sex marriage was passed by an overwhelming majority by the Members of the Scottish Parliament (105-18) on February 4, 2014 and will be fast-tracked to implementation with the first same-sex marriages expected to be carried out in mid-to-late 2014.

  2. Recognizes civil partnerships for same-sex couples; provides rights and responsibilities identical to those of civil marriage.

    UPDATE: On July 17, 2013 the House of Commons and the House of Lords signed off on a bill that legalizes same-sex marriage. Following that, the bill was given the royal assent by the Queen, which means the law is officially official.

  3. Same-sex marriage legal since July 22, 2010. Argentina was the first country in Latin America and the 10th country in the world to allow same-sex marriage nationwide.
  4. Same-sex marriage legal since June 1, 2003. Belgium was the second country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.
  5. Same-sex marriage legal since July 20, 2005. Canada was the fourth country in the world and the first country outside Europe to legalize same-sex marriage.
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