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Countries with No Minimum Drinking Age

List of countries where there is no minimum drinking age. Most countries are used to having a strict drinking age, from 16 to 21 years old.These drinking age mandates are put in place to keep young people from making bad alcohol-related decisions, especially as their brains are still developing and they’re still maturing emotionally. However, there are a few countries throughout the world that don’t have a strict drinking age. In many of these countries it’s legal for a person at any age to consume alcohol, often with parental permission.


Some countries allow any age to drink, but there is a mandated age in which you can purchase. In Swaziland, Cuba, and Jamaica, for instance, you need to be 18 to buy alcohol, but you can drink it legally at any age. While it’s legal for any age to drink in these countries, law enforcement can still confiscate the alcohol from young people at their discretion.  


If you’ve been wondering, “What countries have no drinking age?” this list features each country that allows people of any age to drink alcohol. 

  1. Yerevan More
  2. Sofia More
  3. Phnom Penh More
  4. Moroni More
  5. Havana More
  6. Malabo More
  7. Bissau More
  8. Kingston More
  9. Podgorica More
  10. Rabat More
  11. Oslo More
  12. Warsaw More
  13. Bucharest More
  14. Moscow More
  15. Mogadishu More
  16. Mbabane, Lobamba More
  17. Stockholm More
  18. Lomé More
  19. Montevideo More
  20. Hanoi More

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