Countries with Olympic Medals in Ski Jumping All Countries
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Countries with Olympic Medals in Ski Jumping

List of Olympic medal winning countries in the sport of ski jumping. Countries that have won an Olympic medal -- silver, bronze or gold -- in ski jumping are listed below. The Olympic medalist countries are sorted alphabetically and include information about which sport they won medals for when you click the name of the country. Additional information about each country, like which medals they won for their sports, are included when you click on the name of the country. If you're looking for the names of countries that have taken home an Olympic medal in ski jumping then you're in the right place.

This list helps answer the questions "which countries have won Olympic medals in ski jumping?" and "how many countries have Olympic medals in ski jumping?".

Countries that have had Olympic medal winners in ski jumping are included along with pictures of the medal winning countries when possible. (13 items)

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