Covered Bridges in Alabama Bridges/Roads

Covered Bridges in Alabama

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A complete list of covered bridges in Alabama with pictures. These famous AL covered bridges are a favorite among historic architecture and bridge enthusiasts. A covered bridge is a bridge with sides and a roof. Since many bridges used to be made of wood, the earliest covered bridges were originally built in order to protect the bridge from the elements. The results were dramatic. Whereas a normal wooden bridge would only last for a decade, covered wooden bridges could last for up to a century. Historic preservationists have increased these bridges' longevity even further. Today, modern covered bridges are often built using metal and concrete, making their roof purely aesthetic. This list is comprised mostly of older, traditional covered bridges. Many of them have become important iconic landmarks for their region.

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    Livingston Length: 88 Feet

  2. 2
  3. 3

    Oxford Length: 60 Feet

  4. 4

    Rosa Length: 95 Feet

  5. 5

    Gilliland-Reese Covered Bridge Gadsden Length: 85 Feet

  6. 6

    Oneonta Length: 220 Feet

  7. 7
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    Kymulga Covered Bridge Length: 105 Feet

  8. 8

    Old Union Crossing Covered Bridge Mentone Length: 90 Feet

  9. 9

    Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge Opelika Length: 43 Feet

  10. 10

    Cleveland Length: 324 Feet

  11. 11

    Waldo Covered Bridge Waldo Length: 115 Feet

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