The Crappiest Knock Off Products of All Time

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List Criteria: Vote for the most ridiculously bad knock-offs.

We've all used generic brands and there's no shame in that. Whether your brand was Safeway or Sam’s Club, if you grew up in a frugal household, you probably drank more Mr. Skipper than Dr. Pepper. Or you were sporting Reeborks and eating “Spaghetti Letters."

This list is made up of knock offs that are even less convincing than those. What these knock off products lack in flashy marketing and originality, they more than make up in ingenuity and, sometimes, dumb luck. This list of bottom-shelf brands is packed with ridiculous cheapskate tricks and WTF-level discount brand fails.

One of the funniest things about knock off items is just how hard they try to distinguish themselves from the products that they’re obviously aping. Products like MFC and Crispy Hexagons know that they’re cheaper and less desirable, but they still bring some pizzazz. Personally, we prefer the product fails that look like they were put together in another dimension, a dimension where the monstrous Alien is just a guy with a dream and Superman isn’t super, he's “special.”

This list of spectacularly bad generic products and funny brand fails is waiting for you, probably in the bottom of a dollar bin. Vote on your favorite knock off, and if you prefer Crispy Squares to Corn Flakes, tell us all about your generic love in the comment section.
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