The 19 Craziest Super Bowl Fans of All Time

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A list of the craziest Super Bowl fans of all time. When your team makes it to the Super Bowl, it's pretty easy to get on your team or city's bandwagon. What better way to show your support by getting dressed up in your team's garb and put on some ridiculous gear. That's what the spirit of this list celebrates. For the psycho fan in all of us, this list honors the best of the best, the cream of the crop. The fans you'll see on this list are fans who not only made their way to the Super Bowl but managed to stand out above any other of their fellow fans that captured the eye of the camera.

These crazy fans went beyond what it takes for normal fans to get amped up before the big game. You'll see fans who will dress up as movie characters or will paint their face to show their spirit.

The fans who decided to fork over the ridiculous amount of money to go to the Super Bowl deserve to get as crazy as they want. To show how crazy football fans are about their favorite team, scroll through this entire list. Decide for yourself which of these Super Bowl fans is the craziest.

There are lots of fans, but few could ever have the gall to be named among the craziest Super Bowl fans of all time. That takes talent and dedication. Vote or re-rank this list according to who you think is the nuttiest fan to ever go to the Super Bowl.
Collection Photo: David J. Phillip/Associated Press
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