22 Ridiculous Depictions of Bestiality in Art

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There's no doubt that, in this day and age, you love your pets. You buy them expensive toys and treats they tear apart in minutes. You post photos and videos of them to social media like they're your children. You spend your days walking them and your nights cuddling them. But there is a clear cut line you should never, ever cross with animals. If you did, you'd go to jail, not to mention have a very awkward time explaining to your bosses why you won't be making it in to work on Monday. Also, a piece of your soul would turn black and die. Yes, it's true: you shouldn't have buckwild sex with animals. 

Bestiality is one of the most scandalous taboos in modern society, a passion reserved for the most deviant of deviants and the weirdest of weirdos. However, that hasn't stopped artists across the centuries from making it the focal point of their paintings, engravings, illustrations, and sculptures. Historical paintings of zoophilia are easier to find than the average person would expect. Across many different mediums, the most daring, or disgusting, artists have explored sexual relations between humans and almost every beast you could imagine, even snails (giving new meaning to the term "snail trail").

Whatever intent its creator had in mind, every piece of crazy bestiality art on this list so ridiculous it will make you chuckle, and will probably make you cringe in equal measure. Buckle on your naughty pants and time traveler's helmet: it's time to explore historical depictions of bestiality, and zoophilia in art. Among other things, you'll learn salt isn't the only thing deer like to lick. 

Collection Photo:  Gianlorenzo Bernini
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