Graveyard Shift Hospital Staff Tell Their Most Upsetting Stories on the Job  

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If you work in a hospital, you're bound to see your share of gnarliness. In a world where blood and guts are an everyday occurrence, it takes a lot to shake a medical professional. We scoured the internet for true creepy stories from hospital workers. These scary, real stories will make your skin crawl and your heart race. These tales are not for the weak of stomach and faint of heart.
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Colostomy bag gets infected

"This story will forever haunt me. I recently took care of a woman who was in her mid 40s, paraplegic, and had a colostomy. For those not familiar, a colostomy is a pouch that is attached to your colon from the outside of your body that catches your stool. These are for people that have serious issues with their gastrointestinal tract that require an alternative channel for feces to leave their body. Well this patient was a very sick lady to begin with, but she also had a strange infection originating from her colostomy site. She was to the point of sepsis, which again to simplify, is just not good.

Turns out, her husband was very seriously addicted to heroin and needed money in the worst way, so he rented his wife out... meaning that people would pay to come over to their house and have sex with his wife in her stoma... the hole from which the feces left her body." 

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Woman claws out own eyeball

"My dad is in nursing school, told me one story where they brought in a mentally disturbed woman who was behaving violently. She kept on flailing about and then started attacking herself. At one point he said she literally clawed out her eyeball. It was dangling out of the socket by the optic nerve and everyone tried to restrain her so they could help but one of her arms broke free so she reached up, grabbed her eyeball, and squished it."
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Woman stores dead bird inside herself

"My friend is a nurse and working in Melbourne and a well-known patient (frequent flyer with mental health concerns) came in throwing up, her skin was yellow and clammy. She was very disoriented. The nurse proceeded to do a full body check with another nurse and they just happen to see a small string hanging out of the lady's private parts. They asked the woman about it and she wouldn't answer. So the nurses slowly pulled on the string and out came a dead, decaying sparrow. When asked what it was doing in there, the patient claimed that she was planning on eating it later.The decomposing bird was causing blood poisoning."  
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Woman births Cabbage Patch Kid

"Paramedics brought in a 'woman in labor', accompanied by boyfriend. I performed a quick visual check and found something quite unsettling. She appeared to be SEWN SHUT. Like, with thick yarn. Her boyfriend was removed as it appeared to be some sort of abuse issue. The woman was showing signs of infection and is screaming that she needs to push. The home-made stitches were quickly cut, and a small head soon starts crowning. Sadly, as more of the baby protrudes, it appears very still, stiff, and ...plastic-y...? It turned out that this mildly psychotic woman so badly wanted to have a baby, that she shoved a Cabbage Patch Doll up her hoo-haa and sewed it shut to keep it in."