The 36 Best Pictures of Daft Punk Without Helmets (and More)

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A list of the greatest Daft Punk pictures, including the best pictures Daft Punk unmasked, ranked by awesomeness. Ever wonder what Daft Punk without masks looks like? Well here's our collection of Daft Punk pictures, with and without their iconic robot masks. These Daft Punk photos include the French duo in all sorts of random places, and even feature cameos from other musicians and celebrities.

This list answers the age old question of "what does Daft Punk look like?". Well, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Man de Homem-Christo (or Guillaume Emmanuel de Homem-Christo for the full name) rarely take their masks off, but when they do, people take as many pics as they can. This Daft Punk gallery is made up of pics from every era of their career: so it is very much a list of the best Daft Punk pictures of all time, not just recent ones. 

Upvote the pics of Daft Punk you like the most, even if it's just a picture of Thomas Bangalter or a photo of Guy-Man de Homem-Christo (in a helmet or out), every item is ripe for the voting. 
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