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Daily Dose Of Cuteness

List Criteria: It's all about the cuteness factor for this one!

There's nothing like perusing the Internet in search for a little pick-me-up and coming upon some completely adorable animals that make your insides get all squishy. Luckily for you, we've compiled the cutest of the cute into one place for your viewing pleasure and convenience. 

Which animals are your favorites? Vote up the pictures you think are the cutest, and if you like this list, be sure to also check out the most photogenic animals, pets sitting likes people and the most hilarious, awkward photos of men holding cats. Now, onward to your daily dose of cuteness!
The List
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    Little Balled Up Baby Otter

  2. 2
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    Down 7

    You're Not Gonna Vote Me Up?

  3. 3
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    Down 8

    Lion Kisses

  4. 4
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    Guilty Chipmunk

  5. 5
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    Best Buddies

  6. 6
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    Baby Elephant

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