Dead Athletes 2014: Famous Athlete Deaths

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List Criteria: Athletes or those with careers relating to athletics who have died in 2014

This list of famous athletes who have died in 2014 is a complete list of American and international sports players and personalities who have gone to the great stadium in the sky in 2014. This is a list of the celebrity athletes who have passed so far this year and is continuously updated as athletes die and includes all the athletes who have died in sports-related accidents, the players who died of natural causes and the athletes who sadly took their own lives in 2014. The world is a less interesting and sporty place without these talented athletes to root for.

If you're wondering about recent basketball, soccer, football, baseball, or hockey stars have died in 2014, this is the place to look. If a notable player or personality dies this year, they'll be on the list. This list will be updated along with the Celebrity Deaths 2014 as more people leave this world. If you're curious to see which athletes died in 2013, have a look at Athletes Who Died in 2013.

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