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Actor Dennis Hopper died at 74 battling prostate cancer. Dennis Hopper will be remembered as a brilliant actor for his work in notable films like Hoosiers, Apocalypse Now, and Easy Rider. But let's not forget what made Dennis Hopper such a great actor, he never turned down a role. He showed up in some really unlikely places. This is a list of the stranger roles that Dennis Hopper agreed to play and here is the complete Dennis Hopper movies list.
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    How do you fight a psycho? You become a psycho. That is the thought behind Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Playing a former Texas Ranger, Lt. "Lefty" Enright, who's family was killed by Leatherface and his "family", Hopper commits himself to the movie and actually manages to pull an amazing performance out of it. The greatest scene is Hopper balancing out chainsaws, trying to determine which one would be better to use in his showdown with Leatherface. The entire movie is really fun if you're a horror fan, and Hopper's Enright makes for a great protagonist.
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    The Crow films were on shaky ground when they even tried to make one sequel. This was the fourth. Wicked Prayer starred Terminator 2's Edward Furlong, Angel's David Boreanaz, and American Pie's Tara Reid. Give it up for mid-00's casting directors. The only good choice made by the folks behind this movie was casting Dennis Hopper. Dennis Hopper plays El Nino. I'll say that again, his characters name is El Nino. Hopper gets to deliver such classic dialogue as "Wicked as props to you OG." and"You stole the keys to daddy's car, but you can't handle the horse power." He then facilitates David Borenaz becoming Lucifer. This is a prime example of Dennis Hopper taking an awful character and making it fun and memorable, anyone else and El Nino would have been ridiculous instead of a scenery chewing masterpiece. Watch the best of El Nino in the embedded video, skip the rest.
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    After making Avatar prequel Dances With Wolves, Kevin Costner could do no wrong. The Studio trusted him so much they pretty much let him run rampant on his next picture, the disastrous Water World. The polar ice caps have melted causing the Earth to become an ocean planet. All that remains are the peaceful sailors that live on atolls and the evil smokers who live on an oil rig. That's where Hopper comes in. Kevin Costner's only brilliant move in this gigantic waste of a budget was casting Dennis Hopper as the leader of the Smoker clan, Deacon. Giving out cans of SMEAT and treating all of his "cousins" like dirt, Hopper was given some fertile ground to go nuts on, and he does it in fine form. The character of Sol in Neil Marshall's Doomsday is hevily influenced by Waterworld's backwater Deacon.
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    Fisher Stevens and Dennis Hopper. I'll say it again, Fisher Stevens and Dennis Hopper. These two in a scene together fills my heart with joy. Hopper plays a hippy science teacher that helps a group of misfits realize they've stumbled across a time machine. He's not in the film long, but his scenes leave an impression. Check out the attached video to see Hopper become one with time and space. (and to see Darth Vader and his Storm Troopers TPing a car)
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    Super Mario Bros. is a classic video game and possibly the greatest game of all time. The movie based on it, however, is the exact opposite. A mind numbingly bad interpretation of the game series, the writers thought it would be better to have Koopa be a Gordon Gekko-esque sleazeball instead of a tyrannical reptile. For his part though, Dennis Hopper played King Koopa as well as can be expected. When someone is handed a bad idea and told to work with it, you don't blame the guy that made the good looking brownies out of the poo he was handed. I'll go so far as to say Hopper was the highlight of the movie. That seems to be a running theme. Hopper also gets to utter the greatest single line of dialogue in video game movie history. "BoBomb!"
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    I don't know why Dennis Hopper did this movie, but thank god he did. This is one of the all time greatest bad movies ever made. Knowingly cheesy, over the top and utterly ridiculous, Space Truckers is the definition of a classic B-movie. Dennis Hopper plays a Space Trucker who agrees to haul some dangerous cargo to Earth. His new bride and copilot are along for the ride. Did I mention this movie is super cheesy? Hopper's back and forth with Stephen Dorff is great and no one can beat Debi Mazar for sarcastic delivery. No one could have pulled off space truckers like Hopper. No one.
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    Disney cursed us all with the film Meet the Deedles. It introduced the world to the harbinger of doom that is Paul Walker. I kid, but seriously this is possibly the strangest of Dennis Hopper's odd movie choices. The film is about two slacker surfer brothers who end up pretending to be park rangers at Yellowstone. While their they investigate the missing prairie dog population. It turns out, Dennis Hopper is using the prairie dogs to burrow a tunnel subverting the flow of Old Faithful's blasts to his own man made geyser. Why would he do this? Because he's playing a disgraced park ranger bent on seeking revenge. What's even better? He totally sells it. The movie is horrible, but Hopper's demented former park ranger is both hilarious and creepy. I buy into his plot for revenge based solely on Hoppers performance.
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    George Romero is losing it. It pains me to say that, because I love the original "of the dead" films. But his most recent movies have been really, really bad. Land of the Dead though is one final bright spot before Romero commits himself to cinema purgatory. Not as good as the previous entries in the series, Land of the Dead is still a solid zombie movie. The best part of this one though is the recognizable cast. Reuniting Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo, Hopper plays the millionaire Kaufman who carved out a society in the middle of the zombie wasteland and keeps his aristocracy in check by weeding out the lower class. Hopper keeps this one reserved, playing it cool and calculating. It's great to see him in a movie where everyone is chewing the scenery except him.
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