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Diseases Treated By Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Diseases / Medical Conditions
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Diseases Treated By Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

List of diseases treated by cognitive behavioral therapy, including any illnesses and diseases cured by cognitive behavioral therapy. This list of sicknesses, medical conditions, and chronic or non-chronic diseases treated with cognitive behavioral therapy is in alphabetical order, and you can click any ailment to read more about it. If you feel like you have a serious medical ailment you should contact a doctor immediately. These ailments that can be cured with cognitive behavioral therapy range from serious conditions to more minor illnesses.

List items include Obsessive-compulsive disorder, Schizophrenia and many more.

If you are wondering, "How is cognitive behavioral therapy used?" or "Which diseases can be treated by cognitive behavioral therapy?" then this list will answer your questions.
  1. 1
    Short attention span, Sleep disorder, Mental retardation More
  2. 2
    Dyspnea, Fatigue, Palpitation More
  3. 3
    Self-loathing, Inferiority complex, Extreme Shyness More
  4. 4
    No image
    Polyphagia, Anxiety, Depression More
  5. 5
    Self-harm, Major depressive episode, Social isolation More
  6. 6
    No image
    Laxative Abuse, Esophagitis, Amenorrhoea More
  7. 7
    Joint pain, Vital Exhaustion, Lack of Concentration More
  8. 8
    No image
    Dyspnea, Fatigue, Palpitation More
  9. 9
    Nosophobia, Psychogenic pain, Obsessive Health research More
  10. 10
    Intrusive thoughts, Sexual obsessions, Purely Obsessional OCD More
  11. 11
    No image
    Chronic pain More
  12. 12
    Hot flash, Dyspnea, Nausea More
  13. 13
    Flashback, Insomnia, Self-destructive behaviour More
  14. 14
    Mania, Thought disorder, Depression More
  15. 15
    Dysphoria, Thought insertion, Avolition More
  16. 16
    No image
    Bloating, Palpitation, Abdominal pain More
  17. 17
    No image
    Nausea, Dizziness, Pain More
  18. 18
    Self-harm, Tic, Dyskinesia More

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