Disgusting Foods That Some Cultures Actually Love Foods
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Disgusting Foods That Some Cultures Actually Love

It's amazing how the human palate varies so widely across the world. What may seem like the grossest dish ever for Americans can be another country's delicacy. Every country and culture around the world eats foods that are completely repulsive to others. Did you know most people in China think cheese is disgusting? That creamy, cultured, sometimes aged and smelly pasteurized lump of cow's milk is absolute heaven for most people in the U.S. and Europe.

This is a list of foods that are appalling to Americans but are loved by others. Check out this list, open your mind (and your mouth) and go try some new foods! You may thank me later. 

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    Everyone loves a good boiled egg for breakfast. Crack and peel the shell, give it a sprinkling of salt and pepper to taste, and dig in to that familiar and delicious taste and consistency. But what if it was a duck egg instead of chicken? And what if inside that creamy yellow yolk, there was a half-formed duck fetus, complete with fledgling feathers and beak?

    In Vietnam or the Philippines, this freak of embryonic nature is actually a common street food known as Balut.

    I grew up on a sort of hobby farm, and we had our own chickens and fresh eggs. Occasionally, an egg would sit in the coop a few days too long and when I’d crack it into the pan on a sunny Sunday morning, a small embryonic chicken would gloomp out of the shell and lie there sizzling in its own amniotic fluid. This experience was always gross, and a little bit sad, but I never, NEVER thought about eating the damn thing!

    I can only imagine the same thing happening to a young Vietnamese boy on his farm, and at first sight of that sad little malformed fowl fetus, he must have jumped into the air laughing and clasping his hands together with glee. Oh, what a treat! Let's boil the rest of them and sell them on the streets!

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