Disgusting Foods That Some Cultures Actually Love Foods

Disgusting Foods That Some Cultures Actually Love

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Some foods just weren't meant to be eaten, and some cultures insist on eating them anyway. from sheep intestines to fruit that smells like a toilet, check out this list of the most disgusting foods that other cultures actually love to eat!
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  1. South East Asia

    Known as the King of Fruits, Durian is certainly a force to be reckoned with. First of all, its big, about the size of a rugby ball, and its covered with thick, sharp spikes to ward off would-be Durian-eaters – it’s Mother Natures way of saying, "back off, sicko – you really don’t wanna taste what’s inside this thing."

    But you don’t listen to Mother Nature, do you? No, instead, you take a machete to the thick, spiky rind, opening Pandora’s stinking, gelatinous box and unleashing the fury of a thousand rest-stop bathrooms on any olfactory nerve within a mile radius. What’s inside is an oozing, jelly-like fruit that has the scent of a port-o-john and the taste of port-o-john-flavored custard. Seriously, its hard to get past the smell, but if you do, you’ll be rewarded with a rich, creamy, mouthful of sick.

    I don’t like durian (did I make that clear?), but for some reason this filthy fruit is a delicacy in many South East Asian Countries. A Malaysian friend of mine once described it giddily as "like eating ice cream in the toilet," as he shoveled the creamy, reeking mess into his mouth with his bare hands.

    The smell and the after-taste can linger for hours, prompting Singapore to make durian illegal in public transport and hotels.

    That being said, you should totally try it. See a video of me attempting to eat a Durian Here: http://justinwashere.com/blog/kl/

  2. Lutefisk

  3. Escamol


    Sometimes, in the world of strange ethnic cuisines, ignorance is bliss. Like with hot dogs – salty delicious mystery meat that we’re all better off knowing as little as possible about it’s questionable origins. The same goes for Escamoles, which have the constancy of cottage cheese and taste (according to wikipedia) buttery and slightly nutty. But what are Escamoles? Sometimes known as insect caviar, Escamoles are actually the larvao is large black ants who make their home in the roots of the agave and maguey plant in Mexico.

    That’s right you’re eating ant eggs. Grossed out? Well, don’t be – we eat chicken eggs all the time, and people eat fish eggs as caviar, or salmon roe on their sushi, so why not fry up some ant eggs, add a bit of cheese and a daub of guac for a nice ant egg taco. Ole!

    Here’s a you tube video that starts with a strangely fitting photo of George W Bush eating a cat (wtf?), and then shows a greasy chef preparing Escamoles and referring to them as "a delicacy worthy of gods, like the worms of maguey" OMG, they eat worms too. And I used to love Mexican food.

    Check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBnHVj7HgYU

  4. Kim Chee

  5. Stink Heads


    Stink Heads. A less-than-appealing name, to be sure, but let’s not judge a book by its stinky cover just yet – let’s first delve deeper. Natives to Alaska’s frozen and inhospitable environment know a thing or two about sustainability – and they don’t like to waste anything. So they eat fish heads – specifically, the heads of King salmon. Now, that’s not entirely gross on its own – Salmon is delicious, and people eat fish heads all over the world. You’ll often see gourmet restaurants serving some curried fish head concoction, or whole fish, pan-fried with eyes and all. Some may find it off-putting to eat something while it’s dead, emaciated eyes stare back at you, but it’s really not bad at all.

    The most distinguishing thing about Stink Heads is not that they fish heads, but that they are buried in the ground and left to rot (the preferred posh foodie term here is "ferment") for weeks on end. WHY?? I’ll you why – because native Alaskans are a disgusting tribe of freaks who love rotten fish heads, and what’s worse, they love letting them rot into a congealed mush of funk and slime and them eat them like a mushy fish head gruel. And as if this weren’t disgusting enough, they had to go and name the meal Stink Heads! WTF, Alaska, WTF?

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