Disney Theories That Will Change How You Watch Your Favorite Movies

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Are you one of those Disney fan theory collectors or obsessors who loves looking for all of the Disney movie connections and sharing your wizardry with others? Then you probably already know all these theories. But if you’re brand new to the world of Disney theories, consider this list your very own Disney Theory 101.

Did you hear the one about Boo from Monsters, Inc. showing up in Brave as the witch? Or the one about Andy’s mom from Toy Story actually being Jessie’s owner, Emily? And what about the brutal murder in The Emperor’s New Groove? That spider committed straight-up homicide.

There are some downer Disney movie theories out there too, so brace yourself. Some fans believe that Carl passes away at the beginning of Up and that the rest of the film is his journey through the afterlife to reunite with his beloved Ellie. That theory is nearly as upsetting as the one behind Finding Nemo...

Some Disney fan theories aren’t negative, though. Bing Bong could be alive and well in the Monsters, Inc. universe even though he faded from Riley’s mind in Inside Out. Plus, there are some pretty interesting Disney movie connections that make Elsa, Anna, and Rapunzel cousins, as well as Ariel and Hercules.
Delve into this Disney theory list and capture even more Disney magic than you knew these movies held!

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