Your Favorite Disney Stars: Where Are They Now?

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When it comes to nostalgia, it's hard to beat the feels you feel when reminiscing about all those Disney Channel stars you grew up with. Whether the child stars of hit Disney Original Series like Even Stevens, or the teen heartthrobs who danced into your heart in Disney Channel Original Movies (paging Zac Efron, come in Zac Efron), the Disney stars you remember from your youth have grown up too, and some are even well-adjusted (LOL) Hollywood actors or famous musicians! Would you like to see your favorite Disney Stars all grown up?

When you look at Disney stars then and now, it's crazy to see where they're lives went and what they're up to. "Little Andrew Lawrence can't be that old and doing that, I'm only... oh wait. It's absolutely staggering to see where your favorite child stars are now. Whether these Disney stars grew up to be actors or, or pop stars, or... race car drivers. Some are parents themselves now!

So if you've been watching reruns of the Disney Channel, or caught your favorite young actor in a new movie trailer and wondered about some of the rest, you're in the right place! These are your favorite child Disney stars grown up!
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