Disney Villain Halloween Costumes

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Disney Halloween costumes bring Disney magic into your holiday celebration. For those looking for ideal Villain Halloween Costumes, dressing like a Disney Villain may be the perfect thing. These Halloween costumes are for kids and adults alike, and feature antagonists from Disney classics, including "Aladdin," "Peter Pan," "Sleeping Beauty," "Cinderella" and others. They are particularly ideal for wearing to a Halloween party alongside your favorite Disney princess.

Disney villains are remembered as the bad guys in the animated films, such as Captain Hook in "Peter Pan," but the villains are not limited to males. Several Disney films feature female villains and the Halloween costumes are just the same. Female villains include the always evil Cruella de Vil from "101 Dalmatians," Queen Grimhilde from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and Ursula from "The Little Mermaid."

While these Disney villain costumes are prefect for Halloween or costume parties, they're not really suited for other gatherings, like weddings. For those lavish celebrations however there are plenty of Disney bridal gowns perfectly suited for the occasion.

What are Disney villain costumes? Take a look here and see for yourself. 

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    Straight from the dog-loving film 101 Dalmations the Cruella de Vil costume is one of many Disney villain costumes that can easily be made sexy for adults if desired. Grab a pre-made Cruella de Vil costume or simply grab a tight black dress, red heels and gloves and your favorite black and white wig. Finish the look with a white fur jacket and you're ready to go.

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    While she's a far cry from a looker in the animated film The Little Mermaid, dressing as Ursula can be sexy and still sassy with a Disney Ursula costume. Easily the sexiest octopus you can find, Ursula's look can be complimented with a ruffle skirt, black heels and a silver wig. Add a shell hair pin for that extra touch.

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    Queen Grimhilde

    As perhaps the most well known queen in all of the many Disney movies, Queen Grimhilde, or simply the Evil Queen, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs oozes darkness and evil with her black and purple gown and dark makeup. Get this look by purchasing a pre-made Evil Queen costume complete with the robe, collar and gold crown.

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    Also known as the "Mistress of All Evil" from Disney's Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent is one part villain and one part beautiful. Similarly, the costume for Maleficent can be creepy and evil, or it can be sexy.

    While most of the pre-made Maleficent costumes for women are more of a black and purple figureless gown and black headpiece, the same character can be made sexy by purchasing or making a simliar little dress, donning the Maleficent headpiece and grabbing some black boots to complete the look.

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    From the classic Peter Pan, dress as a pirate this year by grabbing a Captain Hook costume for men or for a boy. Most pirate costumes include the jacket, sash and pants, leaving plenty of room to accessorize the looks with a pirate hat, a hook for a hand and a (hopefully fake) sword. Garr!

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    Perfect for an Arabian Nights themed party or simply Halloween, dressing as Jafar, Grand Vizier to the Sultan of Agrabah, is one choice in the Disney villain category. The protagonist from Aladdin is easy to become by purchasing a Jafar hat and grabbing a simple red and black robe. Adding a magic lamp or a parrot on your shoulder is completely optional.

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    Perfect to compliment a friend dressing as Cinderella, Lady Tremaine is the evil stepmother from the Disney classic Cinderella. Though not as popular of a Disney villain compared to others, Lady Tremaine costumes can be found online at places like Etsy or made at home.

    Get the Victorian look of Lady Tremaine by donning a long, red gown or even combine a red bodice with a red skirt if making the dress at home. Finish the look with a grey wig, paper fan and, if desired, grab your two besties to play the evil stepsisters.

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    Stacked with muscles and a determination to marry Belle, Gaston is the antagonist in the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast. Like other Disney villains, this Halloween costume can be purchased or made at home. As the costume is fairly simple, Gaston is one choice for an easy last-minute costume.

    Recreate Gaston's look by stuffing a red shirt to give the appearance of muscles. Grab a thick black belt, black pants or jeans, brown boots and tan gloves. Alternately, skip all of that work and just purchase a Gaston costume online.

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