Earth History in 11 Easy Steps Anything
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Earth History in 11 Easy Steps

Getting a little tired of this Earth? Think you might want to get a shiny new one? Maybe one with less plastic bits floating in the ocean, more fresh air, and less annoying neighbors? If you have the right elements and enough free time on your hands, here's how you get one just like this one. This is a timeline of the biggest, most important periods in Earth's long history. To get a true sense of the scale of geologic time, note that the mammals that humans developed from didn't even show up till near the very end.

NOTE: I found a lot of these images online, and they are not mine. I did not create them, I only created the collages. I have credited the artists of the pieces I used where I could. If you see something you created and want it credited, let me know, I'll be happy to put your name and URL on the image.