100+ Easter Eggs from Every Modern Disney Movie

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Right behind Marvel and Pixar, the Easter egg king of film is most certainly Disney. The animators work on these films for years at a time, and like to sneak in little jokes and references for fans to discover for years to come. People scour these movies with a fine tooth comb, looking for anything that throws back to Disney’s storied history. This list is chock full of hidden gems from modern (released after 1995) Disney films, with Frozen Easter eggs, Tangled Easter eggs, and 100 others, that you might not have noticed when enjoying these great animated Disney movies the first time around. 

This list includes 100 fun facts and little details you might not have noticed in Disney’s modern animated films (think The Emperor's New Groove, Big Hero 6, and Lilo & Stitch. Disney has been planting Easter eggs (by hand and frame by frame, back in the day) since before the term was even relevant and before the Internet was even looking for them.

This list, which contains all the best Easter eggs from recent Disney animated films (all released post-1995). Whether it's Stitch showing up in a bunch of movies that aren't Lilo & Stitch, Rapunzel showing up in Frozen, or Scar popping up in Tarzan, these are the best Easter eggs in modern Disney films and are giving a whole new generation of Walt Disney fans reasons to pay close attention!

Upvote the coolest modern Disney movie Easter eggs below and keep your eyes peeled next time you watch Wreck-It Ralph!
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