Total Nerd The Greatest Video Game Easter Eggs of All Time  

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Video games are full of Easter eggs. You know this already. You've played these games for hours and hours on end and know all their secrets. But this list of video game Easter eggs and hidden features has over 100 items! From all kinds of games! So yeah, you know GTA is full of Easter eggs, but do you know about all 102 of the Easter eggs hidden in video games on this list? Let's find out!

According to Wikipedia an Easter egg is "an intentional inside joke, hidden message or feature in a work such as a computer program, video game, movie, or book." The term was coined at Atari by personnel who were alerted to the presence of a secret message which had been hidden by game designer Warren Robinett in his already widely distributed game, Adventure. Some of the best video game Easter eggs are in classic games, but it seems gamers are constantly discovering new cool Easter eggs in modern games as well.

It would be nearly impossible to list every single Easter egg found in video games, and it's likely that hundreds still have yet to be discovered, but here are some of best we’ve found. Vote up the best video game hidden features and Easter eggs below, then get back to gaming and uncover some more!

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How to Fight in Reptile in Mortal Kombat

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Photo: Midway Games
Though Reptile wasn't a playable character in the console port of Mortal Kombat, unlocking the battle with him was the only way to fight in the spike pit arena. To do so, fight an opponent (in single-player mode) on the bridge arena, and be sure to get two flawless victories back to back. Unleashing a fatality on the second round means your next fight will be with Reptile in the spike pit.
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Hidden Roster of Politicans, Celebs, and Developers in NBA Jam Tournament Edition

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Photo: Midway Games
Many are the days we've wished we could jam with the president of the United States - but back in 1995, we did (in video game form, at least). The console release of Midway's NBA Jam Tournament Edition had a huge roster of hidden characters, ranging from then-POTUS Bill Clinton to Al Gore, to the Beastie Boys, and many of Midway's programmers.
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Super Mario Portraits Appear in Courtyard in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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Photo: Nintendo
Another Mario reference in a Zelda game. While in the courtyard where Zelda is hanging out (as child Link), look into the nearby windows. You'll see portraits of various Mario characters depending on your angle.
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Fire off a Hadouken Like Ryu in Mega Man X

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Photo: Capcom
Street Fighter and Mega Man are two of Capcom’s biggest franchises, but the two series didn’t cross over until this super secret Easter egg in the first Mega Man X. After jumping through an insane number of hoops (including collecting every upgrade and beating a stage without taking any damage), you’ll find a hidden upgrade Dr. Light - who’s dressed like Ryu - left behind. X can now fire off a Hadouken with the same quarter circle attack command. Mega Man X2 continued the tradition by adding a Shoryunken, but it was much easier to unlock. Here's a guide to unlocking the Hadouken if you want to try it.