33 Easy and Delicious Three-Ingredient Recipes

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Not all of us can be great chefs in the kitchen. A lack of time and skills can leave even the most promising dish black and crispy or a big pile of mush. Whether or not you enjoy cooking, sometimes it's great to have some homemade goodies lying around the house, as few things are greater than a home cooked meal. Fortunately, this list has all kinds of easy three ingredient recipe ideas for you to try!

All of the recipes on this list only contain three ingredients. These quick and easy meals will satiate anyone's hunger for some good home cooking. From cold, sweet treats to pulled pork sandwiches, there's plenty of goodies for everyone to go around! Take a look through and see which recipes you're most excited about testing out in your kitchen. Have some cooking tips to go with these recipes? Share them in the comments section.
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