The 38 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies People
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The 38 Most Embarrassing Celebrity Selfies

List Criteria: Any less-than-flattering photo of a famous person is fair game!

A list of embarrassing celebrity selfies – celebrities looking ugly when they are trying to look hot or otherwise embarrassing photos of celebs. The worst celebrity selfies happen when a sexy girl (or guy) is trying just a little too hard to look good for the camera. We can see them sucking it in (we're looking at you, Chris Pratt and Justin Bieber), or they are just showing too much skin that no one wants to see (Lindsay Lohan). These bad celebrity selfies were shared on celebrity Instagram and Twitter accounts... so, really, they should've known better before sharing these with the world. While many of the people represented on this list are typically attractive, these are cases of famous people looking ugly. 

Which actor and actresses released the ugliest photo of themselves this year? What are the most embarrassing celebrity photos? Rank these bad pictures of celebrities in order of how embarrassing you think they are. 

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    Kevin Bacon looked unrecognizable in a selfie taken in front of a white trailer, presumably from the set of an undisclosed project where they made him look unbelievably bloated. . . we are hoping. Or else this is an outright cry for help.

    Age: 57
    Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America
    Profession: Film Score Composer, Television director, Musician, Film Producer, Actor + 1 more
    Schools: Circle in the Square Theatre School
    Children: Sosie Bacon, Travis Bacon
    Kevin Bacon (?) : see more

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