Emily Osment's Top 10 Greatest Indie Female Musicians Bands/Musicians
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Emily Osment's Top 10 Greatest Indie Female Musicians

Often times, the perspective of an artist outside the genre is the best one. Proving that is this list made exclusively for Ranker.com by Emily Osment, best known for her famous role as Hannah Montana's sidekick in the hit Disney Channel series Hannah Montana. On the heels of the debut of her new album "Fight or Flight", here are her incredibly apt picks for the Top 10 greatest Indie female musicians playing today -- from classic Bjork, to Karen O, to Tegan and Sara. Emily Osment has recently released her much-anticipated debut studio album "Fight or Flight", which is available for purchase by clicking the "site" link to the right).

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    Fiona is such a sexy, unbelievably talented songwriter. I've been an admirer of her work forever.

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    I really respect Regina spector. She is so honest with herself and public and how she feels about her music. I love her approach and style of writing which she claims is less autobiographical and more based on scenarios and characters drawn from her imagination. I feel as though I do the same with my own music.

  3. 9

    She was one of the greatest influences as a female artist for my record Fight or Flight. Her electro-synth sensibility had such a strong impact on me as an artist.

  4. 10

    I love the entire history of Tegan and Sara. It seems rare that two sisters and twins can hold so much talent, they both have such unique voices and writing styles. I am so unbelievably envious of their tour mates, everyone from The Killers and Paramore to Weezer and Cake.

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