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Emmy Awards Outstanding Comedy Series 2012 Nominees

The Emmy Awards Outstanding Comedy Series 2012 nominees represent some of the funniest and most brilliant comedy series on television. These programs all vied for the top award of the best comedy series at the 2012 Emmy Awards held on Sunday, September 23, 2012, at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles, California, with "Modern Family" winning the Emmy. Fellow comedic favorite Jimmy Kimmel hosted the star-studded event.

Returning to defend it's title from the 2011 Emmy Awards was the ABC mockmentary series "Modern Family." The defending winner in this category follows three families as they deal with the funny and often unconventional events of real life.

Though "Modern Family" is still a favorite, a new crop of comedies also joined the mix for the 2012 Emmy Awards. "Girls," an HBO series that follows a group of young women in New York City, and "Veep," an HBO political satire, both earned nominations following their first season of air.

But there were also some veteran shows looking to take home the title too with the critically acclaimed "30 Rock," the CBS sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" and the Larry David brainchild "Curb Your Enthusiasm" all nominated for the 2012 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Comedy Series as well.

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