25 Stunning Photos of the Empire State Building Under Construction

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List Criteria: Upvote the photos that feel as if you're there with the construction crew.

In 1931, photographer Lewis Hine risked his life to document the Empire State Building under construction, carrying a full-size camera and tripod across the girders so the world could see the skeleton of what would become one of the most famous and beloved examples of Art Deco architecture in the world. Hines wasn't just capturing the history of New York City or a famous building under construction: he was also capturing just how dangerous it was for the men constructing the New York City landmark, 1,000 feet above the street. 

Hine's photographs have since become some of the most famous historical photos of New York City. The gallery below features some of his best, which, like all extraordinary historical photos, transport you into the past, giving you an exhilarating look at what life was really like in a time so different from our own. 

Collection Photo:  Dorothea Lange / Library of Congress
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