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"End of Watch" movie quotes follow the action as two top officers in the Los Angeles Police Department stumble on something horrific, causing them to be marked for death by a powerful drug cartel. David Ayer, who famously wrote another police action film, "Training Day," wrote, directed and produced "End of Watch," which first premiered at the 2012 Toronto Film Festival.

In "End of Watch," Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena portray Police Officer Brian Taylor and Police Officer Mike Zavala, respectively, two of the top members of the Los Angeles Police Department. Their lives are good. They have loving wives (Natalie Martinez and Anna Kendrick) plus the praise of their peers, especially after earning recognition for bravery by rescuing people from a burning building. But the life they know all changes after what is seemingly a routine traffic stop.

Officer Taylor and Officer Zavala just happened to stop the wrong car one day, discovering a small amount of money and weapons in a car connected to a local drug cartel. Despite urging from fellow law enforcement officers to leave this one alone, the duo investigate this cartel and as a result soon become the cartel's biggest target.

"End of Watch" is rated R for violence, drug use and sexuality so if that's not quite your speed, there are many other great movies around including "Lawless," "Cosmopolis," "Premium Rush," "Hit and Run," "ParaNorman," "Sparkle," "The Expendables 2" and "The Odd Life of Timothy Green."
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We Are The Police

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Officer Brian Taylor: "I am fate with a badge and a gun, protecting the prey from the predators, the good from the bad. We are the police."

The part of being a police officer is the boring everyday stuff they do. This is nothing compared to the firefight that Officer Taylor and officer Zavala are about to face when they discover a house that holds many of the cartel's secrets.
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Badge Bunnies

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Officer Mike Zavala: [Laughs] "It's still funny to text. Who you texting? That same b****?"
Officer Brian Taylor: "Dude, yeah, she's smart, man. She's like the first girl I can actually have a conversation with. You know she has a master's of sciences in fluid hydraulics?"
Officer Mike Zavala: "Fluid hydraulics?"
Officer Brian Taylor: "Yes"
Officer Mike Zavala: "I wouldn't brag about that, dude. She has a master's degree in fluid hydraulics."
Officer Brian Taylor: "I date all these girls, man. They're smokin' hot..."
Officer Mike Zavala: "Yeah, you're little f***ing badge bunnies"
Officer Brian Taylor: "I get laid without a badge, thank you very much"
Officer Mike Zavala: "Cause you were in the marines, don't ask, don't tell"
Officer Brian Taylor: "There's a pattern, an MO here. First date is dinner and a respectful kiss. Second date is dinner, full carnal knowledge, and the third date is dinner and uncomfortable silences when I try and discuss anything of merit. There two or three booty calls and it's on to the next."

Being a law enforcement officer sure has it's positives and negatives, with one of the positives being those "badge bunnies" eager to get with a man in uniform. As Officer Brian Taylor points out though, sometimes you need a bit more in a relationship, like half a brain in your companion.
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Toughest Divisions in the LAPD

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Officer Brian Taylor: "We work the toughest divisions in the LAPD."

Yes, you two rescue people from burning buildings, fight crime in one of the toughest neighborhoods and earn awards for your valor but Officer Brian Taylor, nothing in your training is about to prepare you for the fight against the cartel you're about to face.
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Everybody Wants to Kill Us

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Man Friend: "Got a hit on y'all, man. Y'all been green-lit"
Officer Brian Taylor: "Come on, man, we're cops. Everybody wants to kill us."

Yes, Officer Taylor, you may think that everyone wants to kill cops, but this dude is actually trying to tell you that you've specifically been targeted by the cartel and they don't mess around.
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A Different Set of Rules

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Officer: "Who's in charge here? You don't have the proper clearance for any of this. You and your homeboy need to power down. Cartels are operating here. They operate by a different set of rules."

After stumbling on a house and a very gruesome discovery inside, Officer Taylor and Officer Zavala are urged to step away from the case. As much as they want to solve this one, risking their lives to take down the cartel might be above their badge level.
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Follow Me Into the House

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Officer Mike Zavala: "That guy is into something. You're not a detective."
Officer Brian Taylor: "Follow me into the house, dude."
Officer Mike Zavala: "We're being set up."
Officer Brian Taylor: "Follow me into the house."

Despite being told to stay away out of retaliation from the cartel, Officer Brian Taylor tries to urge his partner, Officer Mike Zavala, to join him and investigate a criminal known as Big Evil.
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Dope, Money and Guns

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Officer Mike Zavala: "What are we looking for again?"
Officer Brian Taylor: "Dope, money and guns"

On a stakeout watching a cartel member known as Big Evil, Officer Taylor reminds Officer Zavala what they are looking for: Dope, money and guns. What they discover however in one house is way beyond anything they could have expected.
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Watch The Street

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Van Hausen: "Watch the street. Make sure no assholes come up here and kill us."

What should really be a given for any officer, protecting each other, apparently has to be expressly stated at this crime scene. Then again a cartel house with weapons, drugs, money and a big pile of severed heads certainly isn't your normal crime scene.